Customer Jouirneys: Concept reinforcement through simple game play Corporate positioning conference: Delegate Sat Nav competition with 'boy-scout' compass kit Face-2-Face recruitment: 'finding the right candidate' through video (illustrated with confectionery) Pop-up, illustrated, Christmas greeting card for Market Research company (50 years of shopping)

3D Marketing collateral & paper engineering

3D marketing collateral is far more memorable than just print. Engaging your recipient with a game; a challenge; or a moment of wit or entertainment can reinforce an underlying message or product concept through action and association.
Imaginative and witty 'off-the-paper' 3D marketing ideas as well as 'paper engineering' for pop-ups.

Always up for a creative challenge – outline the brief now to get things started.
Adding an extra dimension to your marketing material can provide crucial competitive advantage in a competitive marketplace.