Terms of Registrar Services

Version 16.0

Introduction and Definitions

The following Terms of Registrar Services shall apply to all transactions between Peter Cox Design Studio ("PCDS") and the person, firm, company or organisation issuing a request for a Domain registration (the "Client").


For contracts and commissions requiring registration of any domain within the .uk Top Level Domain these Terms and Conditions should also be read in conjunction with the Nominet UK Domain Policies as well as the General Terms of Business of PCDS.

Nominet Tag Classifcation

PCDS operates a Nominet Tag with Channel Partner Classification.

Agreement of Terms

No terms or conditions stipulated by the Client shall annul, vary, add to or supplement these terms and conditions except and in so far as they are expressly and jointly agreed by PCDS, Nominet UK and any relevant additional party in writing.

Instruction to proceed

Irrespective of the particular task required the Registrant shall provide a written confirmation of order or instruction to proceed before any registration-related work is undertaken by the Registrar. A pre-payment of fees may also be required.

Acknowledgement of Communications

Receipt of communications from the Client, parties representing the Client, or other parties related to the commission will normally be acknowledged either by email, telephone, messaging service, letter or any other means available within five working days of receipt. Proof of posting is not accepted as proof of delivery; voicemail is not accepted as a means of issuing a binding instruction.

Illegal matter, Abuse and Infringement of Rights

a) PCDS shall not be required to register or otherwise affect a registration which in itsopinion is or may be of an illegal, libellous or abusive nature and if this should occur during the course of carrying out a commission then the Supplier shall not be required or bound to complete such commission or order and shall not be under any liability for the non-completion thereof. The Client shall however be liable for any work done or expenses incurred by the Supplier on behalf of the Client.

b) Abuse complaints should be submitted by webform as provided via the Contact page on this website.

Availability of Domain Names

a) PCDS shall at the request of the Client submit a list of available (unregistered) domain names meeting criteria specified by the Client. It shall be stated on the list when the availability was checked and PCDS shall accept no liability during the intervening time should any selected domain name be registered by another party before receiving and being able to reasonably act upon Client instructions to register.

b) PCDS shall accept no liability for delay in registration due to systems error, malfunction, non-service or third-party objection to registration.


a) Charges for services will be advised in writing to the Client in the form of a quotation specifying fees, registration term options and other charges relating to name management and hosting of the domain.

b) PCDS reserves the right to levy a management charge relating to the administration of domain name DNS settings, holding pages or other technical matters related to the management of a domain name.

c) Charges are invoiced annually in advance prior to the anniversary of the registration.

d) Charges relating directly to registration or hosting services are non-refundable.


Domains will normally be set to automatically renew prior to the due renewal date. Clients will be advised in good time that a domain is due for renewal and the renewal options and associated costs and must positively advise PCDS of their intention to renew registration and the registration term required.

Transfer of Domain

PCDS reserves the right to levy a charge relating to the administration of the transfer of a domain to another Tag. Such charge will be wholly at the discretion of PCDS but will not exceed £30.00 + VAT.

Sub-contract work

PCDS reserves the right to carry out all or part of any instruction or request by sub-contract. This work shall be carried out under the same Terms and Conditions as set out here.

Service Complaints

Complaints should be made to PCDS in writing either by letter or email to addresses published on this website or submitted by webform as provided on this website. Should a satisfactory resolution not be acheived between PCDS and the Client within a reasonable period of time from the date of initial receipt of the complaint such dispute will be submitted to an agreed arbitrator in consulation with Nominet UK when appropriate.

Termination of Services

Both PCDS and the Client shall have the right at any time by giving notice in writing to the other to terminate any service contract. PCDS reserves the right to transfer service fulfilment to an agreed Tag holder.

Code of Conduct

The Supplier shall at all times endeavour to provide a wholly professional service and be guided at all times by the relevant Codes of Conduct, Standards and trading requirements as published or required by the relevant governing body, industry standard or professional association.

Governing law and arbitration

a) These conditions and all other express terms of contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and with particular reference to the prevailing Copyright Act.

b) All disputes which may arise in connection with contrats between the Supplier and the Client shall be submitted to an agreed arbitrator.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

Peter Cox Design Studio reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice as may be required by the studio or by and in accordance with Nominet UK.

Peter Cox Design Studio